Hi, folks!
It’s been about a year since I started posting charts here, and I have finally run out. :-) I will be posting a few here and there, I think, but not on any schedule. However, I will keep this site running, so tell your friends they can still find fun charts here! Thanks for a great year.

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Don’t know if he’s back from Florida, but he doesn’t have much of a tan.  :-)

Original public domain image:

Image source:   http://www.pdclipart.org/displayimage.php?album=19&pos=36




Two things this week!

1.  A carrot!

Original public domain image:

Image source:  http://www.pdclipart.org/displayimage.php?album=42&pos=226

And 2.  I have been posting charts once a week (or more) since last June, and I’m beginning to run out of steam.  :-)   So from now on, there will be a new chart every 2 weeks or so.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the ones so far.



Here is another quilt block!  Of course, you can use any kind of quilt block in needlework, but I like the ones that look like things, instead of the abstract blocks.  :-)   This one is sometimes called “boats,” “ship at sea,” or “schooner.”




Here is something new:

This chart comes from a quilt block sometimes known as Oriental Lantern or Chinese Lantern. In quilting, of course, you would make the different shapes and sew them together.  In knitting, crochet, needlepoint, and cross-stitch, you can do it all in one piece!  And don’t think that you must stick to solid colors and miss out on the patterns of fabric quilting.  Here are some ideas especially suited to charted needlework:

1.  You can use a variegated or self-striping yarn or floss for some shapes.

2.  You can fill shapes with smaller charts.  To mimic fabric, try charting your own flowers or repeating design inside the shapes.  Be sure to let your design be “cut” at the edges–meaning, for example, a half-flower at one edge.

3.  You can also fill shapes with smaller charts without mimicking fabric that’s “cut” at the edge.  For example, you could go abstract and center a chart of a bunny on the grass or a place few words inside your lantern.  Or you could be very realistic and give your lantern panes and 3-D structure.

And, as crafters, I am sure you can think of many ways to use a block like this, and not just for blankets!

Enjoy!  Another quilt block next week.

PS–check out this review of Charts for Charity at Bargello Needlepoint!

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